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310 Birding Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve
Located above the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Valentine Camp is a 156-acre property managed by the University of California at 8000-8500 feet. It has been protected from entry and grazing since the early 1900's and features remarkably pristine sub-alpine habitat including montane forest, chaparral, sagebrush, riparian, wet montane meadow, and seep and spring vegetation. Birdlife is plentiful and varied here, particularly those birds who enjoy mature coniferous forests (Brown Creeper, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Golden-crowned Kinglet), mixed montane woodland (Western Tanager, Western Wood-Pewee), and sagebrush expanses (Green-tailed Towhee, Fox Sparrow). We'll keep our ears open for Mountain Quail, more often heard than seen. We have been granted special permission to access the property and will hike the private trails through this wonderland. This trip involves walking on a narrow steep trail with some stairs with an elevation gain of approximately 400ft. Not appropriate for persons with breathing or mobility concerns. Bring snacks, water, and sunscreen.

(*Participants are REQUIRED to sign a UC Santa Barbara waiver of liability before entering the property. Mara (mara@monolake.org) will reach out to those who register for the event to share details regarding how to acquire and sign this waiver, which is separate from the Chautauqua event waiver. Failure to sign this waiver will result in not being able to enter the Valentine Reserve.*)
Fee: $0.00
Trip Type: Field Trip
Transportation Type: Carpool/Personal Vehicle
Driving Distance: 60 miles round-trip
Day: Saturday
Start Time: 7:00 AM
End Time: 11:30 AM
Physical Activity
Difficult hiking, unspecified distance
Amenities Available
Meeting Venue Location
296 Mattly Ave
Lee Vining CA 93541
Venue Location
The venue location is the same as the meeting venue location.
Venue and Meeting Location
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