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403 Birding the Bridgeport Valley
Join Ted and Al for an exploration of wetlands and lake habitats of Bridgeport Reservoir. Bridgeport Reservoir sits within beautiful Bridgeport Valley between the Sierra Nevada and the Sweetwater range. Waterfowl, grebes in courtship, terns, pelicans, and shorebirds grace the surface and shores of this popular fishing reservoir that also attracts a diversity of raptors such as Bald Eagle and Osprey. A pair of Sandhill Cranes has been nesting at Bridgeport Reservoir and there is a chance of seeing or hearing these rare Mono County birds. Participants typically see more than 60 species of birds on this field trip. Bring snacks, water, and sunscreen.
Guide/Speaker: Al DeMartini
Fee: $0.00
Trip Type: Field Trip
Transportation Type: Carpool/Personal Vehicle
Driving Distance: 65 miles round-trip
Day: Sunday
Start Time: 6:30 AM
End Time: 11:30 AM
Physical Activity
Easy hiking, unspecified distance
Amenities Available
Meeting Venue Location
296 Mattly Ave
Lee Vining CA 93541
Venue Location
The venue location is the same as the meeting venue location.
Venue and Meeting Location
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