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FAQs about Trips
Q1: What are "Available Trips" and "My Trips"?
A1: "Available Trips" are those with open seats that you can reserve, while "My Trips" lists the trips you've purchased seats for. Available Trips can be browsed by day or category, and you can contact the festival or purchase seats through Signup Master.
Q2: How are trips numbered?
A2: Trips are numbered based on the festival's days. For example, if the festival starts on Thursday, trips on that day start with "1," Friday's with "2," and so on (e.g., 100, 101, 200).
Q3: What actions can I perform for My Trips?
A3: For trips you've purchased, you can view trip details, leader bios, maps, and turn-by-turn directions. You can also check in within 20 minutes of the start time and evaluate the trip after it concludes.
Q4: What information does the Trip Main Page include?
A4: The Main Page displays the day and time of the trip, category, description, Meet-At and Event Locations, transportation type, leader bios, maps, and contact information. For "My Trips," it shows check-in status and evaluation options.
Q5: How do I contact the festival about a trip?
A5: Click the "Contact the Festival About this Trip" button on the Trip's Detail Page. There, you will fill out the form to request information about the trip, and festival staff will respond promptly.
Q6: When and how should attendees check-in to their trips?
A6: Attendees are encouraged to check in within one hour prior to the trip's start time. This helps the leader and the festival track attendee arrivals, ensuring a smooth experience.
Q7: How can I provide feedback on a completed trip?
A7: After the trip concludes, attendees are encouraged to evaluate the trip using a score from 1-10 and provide comments. This valuable feedback assists the festival in making future improvements.
FAQs about the Bobolink Blog
Q1: How can I access the blog section on Bobolink?
A1: On the main page, you can find the most recent posts and categories, providing a quick overview of the blog content.
Q2: How do I read a blog post?
A2: Reading a post is simple. Just browse through the posts, click on the title, and you can read the entire content of the post.
Q3: How can I comment on a blog post?
A3: While reading a blog post, locate the Comments field, type your comment, and click the "POST COMMENT" button to engage with the content.
Q4: How do I create a new blog post?
A4: To create a new post, click the "ADD" button on the blog homepage. Choose a category, provide a title, summary, and the post text. If you need more time to work on it, you can save it as a draft by unchecking the Published button.
Q5: Can I add photos to my blog posts?
A5: Absolutely! When creating a post, click the "Choose File" button to upload a photo. Follow the prompts, and once you're ready, click the SAVE button to include the photo with your post.
Q6: Can I edit or delete my blog posts after publishing?
A6: The ability to edit or delete posts depends on the platform's settings. Generally, you can edit your posts for corrections or updates, but deletion might be restricted to maintain the blog's integrity. Check the specific guidelines or contact support for detailed assistance. These FAQs cover the basics of using the Bobolink blog feature. For more detailed instructions or specific queries, refer to the user guide or contact our support team. Happy blogging!
FAQs about Bobolink Profile Management
Q1: How can I update my name on Bobolink?
A1: To change your name, click the "Edit" button in the "Full Name" section of your profile. You can modify your first and last name as needed.
Q2: How do I add or update my phone number?
A2: Click the "ADD MOBILE NUMBER" button, enter your phone number, and follow the prompts. A verification code will be sent to you via text message for confirmation.
Q3: What if my email doesn't match the one used for ticket purchase?
A3: For your "My Trips" listing to work correctly, your Bobolink email must match the one used for ticket purchase on Signup Master. If they don't match, your listing may be empty.
Q4: How can I change my password for Bobolink?
A4: You can change your password by selecting the "Change Password" option. We recommend maintaining a secure password for your account.
Q5: What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and how do I enable it?
A5: Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security. To enable 2FA, click "Edit," then in the 2FA section, click "ENABLE." Follow the prompts, including scanning a QR code and entering the code from your authenticator app. Save the provided recovery codes in a safe place.
Q6: How can I delete my Bobolink account?
A6: Deleting your account is irreversible and wipes out all data. Exercise caution. If you still wish to proceed, locate the "Delete Account" option in your profile settings. Please be sure about this decision as it cannot be undone. For more detailed instructions and turn-by-turn guides, please refer to the relevant sections in the user guide. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact our support team through the Help Desk.
FAQs about Volunteer Opportunities
Q1: What are the different volunteer roles available at the festival?
A1: Volunteers play vital roles such as Registration, Attendee Check-in, Sales, Hospitality, Speaker Introduction, Trip Starter, Set up/Take down, Sign placement, and more. These diverse roles ensure the smooth operation of the festival.
Q2: What perks do volunteers receive in exchange for their service?
A2: Volunteers dedicating 6 or more hours enjoy perks including Registration Discounts (half off for a full pass on opening registration day), Free Registration (available two weeks following opening registration day), exclusive post-festival birding adventures, and a Festival t-shirt. Please note that volunteers are responsible for any transportation fees or boat fees associated with their participation.
Q3: How can I sign up to become a volunteer?
A3: To apply as a volunteer, visit the official festival website's volunteer page. There, you can find detailed information about available roles, perks, and the application process. Don't miss this opportunity to be an integral part of the festival's success!
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