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Jessica Schaefer (she/her)

Jessica Schaefer (she/her) Jessica was born and fledged in Wisconsin before she translocated to the West Coast. She is currently a PhD student in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis. Jessica received her BS from the University of Notre Dame and MS from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in biology, and she is broadly interested in the evolution of behavior and connections between ecology and animal reproductive strategies. Her dissertation research focuses on mating and parental behavior of Spotted Sandpipers breeding in the Mono Basin. Jessica loves observing creatures in the wild, especially birds and ocean animals. Apart from field work, she is passionate about teaching, science communication, and citizen science. She previously worked as program coordinator for a marine citizen science project for K-12 students in Hawaiʻi and is currently the outreach coordinator and editor for The Ethogram, a blog about animal behavior.
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